You have more options than bankruptcy when sued by Crown Asset Management

You may be able to file bankruptcy if Crown Asset Management files a lawsuit against you. It is not the only option. You can:

  • Settle with Crown Asset Management Often creditors will agree to a settlement often with a reasonable payment plan. The amount of the payment plan is going to depend upon your demonstrating hardships such as medical, job loss, continued under-employment, foreclosures, repossessions etc. The creditor may ask for a minimum monthly payment of $100 for lesser debt amounts. Be careful when settling a lawsuit with Crown Asset Management because by calling to settle does not mean they will stop the lawsuit process. Some clients have found that they tried to negotiate a settlement but a judgment was taken against them anyways. While you can contact Crown Asset Management on your own, you may find having an experienced negotiator on your side will make it easier to deal with Crown Asset Management.  Get a Quote
  • Answer the Lawsuit You can choose to fight Crown Asset Management in court and see if the judge will agree that you do not owe Crown Asset Management or that by a procedural issue you do not have to pay Crown Asset Management. There are many resources on the web to show you how to answer a lawsuit. Let our staff and attorneys aggressively defend you against Crown Asset Management lawsuit. If hired, you will not need to go to court. Our experienced staff will fight for the best possible outcome. Costs of a Crown Asset Management Lawsuit 
  • File a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Another option is to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. A Chapter 7 Dallas Bankruptcy is where if you make below a certain income based on dependants you will not have to pay back your unsecured creditors like Crown Asset Management.  Once you have filed the bankruptcy, then a suggestion of bankruptcy can be sent to the court to stop the lawsuit. Often a Dallas Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be filed and finished in a matter of months. Call us at (214) 499-9550 or Make an Appointment
  • File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Another option is to file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. A Chapter 13 Dallas Bankruptcy is where if you make too much money and do not qualify for a Chapter 7  you will have to enter into a 5-year repayment plan with your creditors, like Crown Asset Management. You will make one payment to the bankruptcy trustee and they will pay the creditors for you. To learn more about this option, Call us at (214) 499-9550 or Make an Appointment
  • Do Nothing You can always do nothing. If you do not respond to the lawsuit then Crown Asset Management may take a judgment against you. They can go after your bank accounts and any unprotected assets you have. Settlement percentages usually increase the more collection attempts they have to make to get paid.

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