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Even as the number of consumers hounded by debt collectors increases, and the tactics used by these collectors become more draconian, a safe harbor still exists under federal law: Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Many of your neighbors are burdened with large amounts of unsecured debt.   Chapter 7 provides two types of relief:

  1. Short-term Relief
  2. Long-term Relief

In the short term, Chapter 7 halts all collection activities by all unsecured moneylenders.  If you file your voluntary petition at 10:00 a.m., the collections calls will stop at 10:01.  In the long term, Chapter 7 discharges nearly all your unsecured debts you could try here.  You can still repay these debts, but the repayment will be on your schedule instead of the moneylender’s schedule.

The government has already significantly curtailed the consumer protections once found in the Bankruptcy Code.  How long will it be before your rights are eroded again?  Call the law office of Henley and Henley today for your free consultation.