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…not affect your job search.

One persistent myth is that a bankruptcy filing affects your employment prospects.  The thinking goes that people who file bankruptcy are considered financially irresponsible, untrustworthy around money, and distracted by their debt problems.

None of those things are necessarily true.  Most consumers file bankruptcy due to circumstances beyond their control; indeed, a voluntary petition can sometimes be the responsible choice for facing your debt Goliath.  The same rationale applies to your trustworthiness.  Finally, most consumers experience relief after filing bankruptcy.  They know that the bankruptcy lawyers at Henley and Henley will deal with any troublesome moneylenders.

Bankruptcy Myths

This myth is not only irrational.  This myth is just plain wrong.  It is impossible for a potential employer to learn about your credit score at a screening interview.

Sometimes my daughter is afraid to sleep in her room because she hears “noises”.  I patiently explain that the outside noise was probably one of the many neighborhood cats, and that the inside noise was probably me going to the bathroom.  I don’t want her irrational fears to keep her awake at night.  Likewise, at Henley and Henley, we don’t want your irrational fears to keep you awake at night.  Don’t let fears inhibit your financial future.  Call today for your free consultation.