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When you see a restaurant commercial, the “special price” never includes tax and tip.  When you see unemployment figures, the totals never include underemployed and discouraged workers.  When you see foreclosure statistics, the figures never include homes which are at-risk for foreclosure.  In fact, as many as one-third of American homes are “in the shadows” of foreclosure.

Why is the housing crisis worse than we have been lead to believe?  The moneylenders know that Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be your best option to save your home, and they don’t want you to consider that option.  They know that bankruptcy leads to debts being discharged and mortgage principal being reduced.

Do your family a favor, and take a good look at your financial profile.  If all you see is rising red ink, call the law office of Henley and Henley for your free consultation.  They will help you see past the numbers, and find a way out.