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…but not necessarily watching out for you.  For macroeconomic reasons that this blogger frankly has problems understanding, the government wants higher prices on items like food and energy.  And with wage growth expected to be moderate or unchanged, it doesn’t take a genius to see how American families will make up this difference.  We will borrow the money.

Of course, more debt is good news for the moneylenders.  Their aggressive and borderline illegal collection tactics will probably get worse.  Where can a consumer find relief from the moneylenders?  Obviously, there is no relief forthcoming from the government.

Filing bankruptcy will involve some upfront financial and emotional investment, but the long-term financial and emotional benefits far outweigh those costs.  Imagine going to purchase a new car and not being afraid to give your Social Security number for a credit check.  Imagine picking up the telephone without staring anxiously at the caller ID.

Both of these outcomes are likely after filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  The attorneys at Henley and Henley can show you how you can have the same financial fresh start that millions of your neighbors are enjoying.  Call today for your free consultation.