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Most of us have taken a lot of tests in our lives.  For those homeowners who are trying to get a loan modification, the biggest test you will take is the Net Present Value (NPV) test.  Simply put, the NPV test determines whether the moneylender will make more money if a loan is modified or if the homeowner defaults.

If you are currently receiving acceleration notices or foreclosure notices from the moneylender, chances are you have probably failed the NPV test.  It is time to consider Chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure so you can stay in your house.

But this story may have an even happier ending.

After making a few trustee payments on time, you may be eligible for a Chapter 13 Refinance.  The Chapter 13 Refinance, also known as the Chapter 13 Buyout, may enable you to lower your monthly payment by lowering your interest rate.  You can emerge from Chapter 13 bankruptcy and start rebuilding your credit even sooner than you thought possible.

If the moneylender has given up on you and is trying to foreclose, and if the government’s promises are unfulfilled, call today for your free Chapter 13 consultation.