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Ten years ago, when he was just staring out, Dallas resident Steve had a good income, a good credit score, and a mailbox full of credit card offers. Bankruptcy was something that never crossed his mind. Now, due to the economy, Steve has a lower income, a lower credit score, and a mailbox full of bills. The damage to his credit rating meant higher interest rates on a new house and a new car. The debt management companies he hired didn’t seem to help at all. Now, bill collectors call so often that Steve no longer answers the phone. At this point, he has just given up.

The  attorneys at Henley and Henley PC can use federal law to help get Steve back to where he was ten years ago. Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be able to eliminate most or all of his credit card debt. If the bill collectors dare to call again, he can tell them that the aggressive bankruptcy lawyers at Henley and Henley will deal with them. In just a few short months, the credit card debt may be erased and he can answer the phone with confidence.

But won’t he be embarrassed to file bankruptcy and won’t bankruptcy ruin his credit rating?

Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain each filed bankruptcy; Larry King and Donald Trump each filed bankruptcy twice. The list goes on. For about 100 years, the Bankruptcy Code has enabled people like Steve and Walt Disney to receive a fresh start. Taking responsibility for his debt may be the best financial decision that he can make. And he shouldn’t be too worried about his credit rating. Of course his score will go down, but his score was already pretty low. And with every on-time car payment or mortgage payment, his credit score will rise.

Steve gave the matter a lot of thought, and then he called the experienced bankruptcy lawyers at Henley and Henley. They were able to put him back at the starting line, where he would have a fresh, debt-free start. Maybe you should make that same call, for your free initial consultation.