William Gladstone once said that “justice delayed is justice denied”.  Obviously, Mr. Gladstone never owned a house in New York which faced foreclosure.   One house in Queens was first scheduled for foreclosure sale in July 2004.  Twenty-three postponements later, the alleged owner is still in the residence.  Another house in Queens has received twenty stays of execution over the past four years.

Living in a house rent-free for an extended period of time may seem like a dream and may even benefit the economy.  Unfortunately, the alarm clock always goes off, and the dream ends.  Here in Texas, the dream will probably end within 27 days.

That last statistic bears repeating.  If you live in Texas and you receive a foreclosure notice, you have (on average) less than a month to save your home.

Bankruptcy is never an easy choice.  But if your options are (a) file Chapter 13 bankruptcy or (b) move into a hotel, bankruptcy becomes much more attractive.  The professionals at Henley and Henley can show you how bankruptcy and other federal financial assistance programs can help save your home.

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