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In the “new economy”, it is not uncommon for workers to risk their pride or their freedom or even their lives in an effort to find or retain a job.  All of us feel the pressure to pay bills and meet our obligations, while at the same time trying to save some money.

But what happens if you are still one of the millions of Americans who is unemployed or underemployed?

The math can seem hopeless: if you have no income, you have no way to keep your house or your car or anything else that you own.  Although the safety net has been weakened over the years, bankruptcy is still an option for unemployed people who wish to hold on to their standard of living.  Bankruptcy stops the moneylenders from taking any adverse action against you.  End of story.

If you are faced with bills that you cannot pay, don’t give up!  Call the law office of Henley and Henley for your free consultation.