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We all remember General Motors’ bankruptcy filing in 2009.  And yet this story, which records GM’s record $7.6 billion (with a “b”) annual profit and its reemergence as the world’s largest auto maker, barely registers as a footnote.

Americans love a comeback story, so why did we not hear more about this dramatic financial comeback?  The answer is simple.  The moneylenders don’t want you to hear encouraging stories about post-bankruptcy life.  The moneylenders want you to be afraid of bankruptcy.

Maybe, like GM, you need to reorganize your debts under Chapter 13.  Or maybe your debts have become somewhat overwhelming, and you need the financial clean slate that Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide.

At Henley and Henley, our passion is to provide hard-working consumers with a fresh start.  You probably won’t earn $7.6 billion your first year after bankruptcy (although anything is possible…).  But you will have a peace of mind that you probably haven’t felt for quite a while.  Call Henley and Henley today for your free consultation.