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If the unemployment rate goes down, the decrease is not necessarily due to an increase in job opportunities.  Many times, the unemployment rate goes down because workers leave the workforce for various reasons.  The same is true of the bankruptcy filing rate.  Bankruptcy filings are decreasing nationwide, but not necessarily because the economic outlook is improving for American families.  Sometimes, the debtors simply cannot afford the fees.

Many people postpone or cancel large purchases or vacations in an effort to save money.  You financial future, however, is no place to scrimp.  Filing bankruptcy is definitely an investment, but it is an investment which is guaranteed to produce a bountiful return.  How many investments can claim the same thing?

There are only two ways to escape a debt trap: increase your income or decrease your expenses.  Bankruptcy can do nothing for the former, but it will work wonders for the latter.  If you are upside-down on your house or other secured debt, bankruptcy may be able to reduce your monthly payment.  If you have credit card debt, bankruptcy may be able to eliminate those bills.

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