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Ellen graduated from dental school in 2002. She acquired a mountain of debt, over $100,000, but her Dallas-area dental practice enabled her to pay the bills with some money left over. But two years ago she hurt her hand, had to give up her dental practice, and found herself facing bankruptcy. She’s tried her best to keep up with the student loan payments, but the payments were taking up a bigger chunk of her income each month. Even though knew she would never be a dentist again, and even though she felt like she was paying for a car she didn’t own, she did her best to make regular loan payments. More and more, it seemed that ordinary luxuries and even some necessities were put off in favor of loan payments.

Ellen knew that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition would eliminate most of her credit card debt, which had grown tremendously since her income went down. But she didn’t know that her student loan debt might be eliminated as well. That is, she didn’t know that until she called the experienced bankruptcy lawyers at Henley and Henley. The professionals that she met took the time to really talk to her and really explain the process. They didn’t just want her money and she wasn’t just a number; the people at Henley and Henley honestly cared about her family. They were especially concerned about the student loan debt.

The bankruptcy lawyers at Henley and Henley PC explained that Ellen’s student loans were dischargable, as they were an undue hardship. She had a good payment history, her income would never again be like it was before, and the student loan payments were burdensome. And there was more good news for her son: Congress is considering legislation that would make the current student loan discharge standard even easier to meet.

If you are saddled with debt payments that you can’t afford, call Henley and Henley to schedule your free consultation. If there is any way out, Henley and Henley PC will find it.