Party Lights

“On February 10, 1897, seven hundred members of America’s super-elite gathered at the Waldorf Hotel for a costume ball hosted by Bradley Martin, a New York lawyer, and his wife Cornelia. . . Cornelia, a plump matron with blues eyes, a bow mouth, a generous bosom, and incipient jewels, dressed as Mary Stuart, but bested [...]

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And The Band Played On

Since 1950, when the most popular television show in the United States was Texaco Star Theater and Congress established a mechanism for a municipal bankruptcy, there have been fewer than 500 Chapter 9 filings.  In the last three months, and in California alone, there have already been three: Stockton, San Bernardino, and Mammoth Lakes.  Fresno [...]

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Personal Bankruptcy and Unsecured Debt

A sluggish job market means increased personal debt.  Jobless consumers are obviously affected, but even those with jobs may find their wages frozen.  The situation will probably not improve anytime soon.  Maybe your family, or someone you know, is facing mounting personal debt due to a loss of income.  You know that you shouldn’t ignore [...]

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