Here’s an investment tip you can find exclusively at never invest in a fund named after a firearm.

At first blush, Darlene Bishop’s Leveraged Financing seemed very attractive.  It promised to quadruple a $44,000 investment in less than two weeks.  A shadowy, one-eyed man named “Perello” insisted that Ms. Bishop name the fund the “.44 Magnum” because, “when people found out they’d been ripped off, they would buy a .44 Magnum and shoot themselves in the head.”

Most of us have not invested in the .44 Magnum.  Many of us have seen our solid investments turn sour, and our positive cash flows become negative.  If you were relying on your portfolio to pay your bills, and those investments have lost some or most of their value, one way out is to eliminate your bills.  Bankruptcy can do that.  Bankruptcy can reduce or eliminate most or all of your monthly bills.  To find out what bankruptcy can do for you, call or email the law office of Henley and Henley for your free consultation.