cialis levitra genericos Don’t Mark Your Calendar

Hopefully, you did not count on the end of the world on December 21, 2012 or on any of these other dates.  Another “deadline” that will probably come and go is October 11, 2018, the date of the last consumer bankruptcy filing in the United States.  To be precise, the last bankruptcy filing will supposedly [...]

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Conspiracy Theory

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Debt and Your Health

Excessive debt can do more than lower your credit score.  Half of all Americans worry about their debt “frequently” or “most of the time”.  This type of worry leads to physical maladies from severe anxiety (8 times higher for people worried about debt) to severe depression (6 times higher) to heart attacks (2 times higher). [...]

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If the unemployment rate goes down, the decrease is not necessarily due to an increase in job opportunities.  Many times, the unemployment rate goes down because workers leave the workforce for various reasons.  The same is true of the bankruptcy filing rate.  Bankruptcy filings are decreasing nationwide, but not necessarily because the economic outlook is [...]

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Are You Smarter Than. . .?

For those of us (this blogger included) who are mathematically challenged, consider this simple equation: 0.8 – 0.4 = Debt.  In September 2011, consumer spending rose 0.8% while personal income climbed 0.4%.  How will American families bridge the gap between the two figures?  We will borrow the money.  And, with personal income growth expected to [...]

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And Why Not?

Armchair candidates abound this time of year.  One blogger has suggested that the candidates avoid using the term “bankruptcy”. For those people who appear on CNN and have ongoing publishing deals, bankruptcy may still be equated with financial failure.  For the rest of us, bankruptcy may be your only option to stop a pending foreclosure [...]

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The “B” Word

There are a number of words that we don’t want our children to say.  There are a number of words that we don’t want our politicians to say, such as “entitlement” and “government spending”.  We may also want to include “bankruptcy” in the no-say zone, since that word continues to have negative connotations in our [...]

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TARP Anniversary

Graybeards should call the florist.   Hipsters may want to take a stroll through the local Pier One or Kohl’s.   Big spenders may want to go here or here.  TARP celebrates its fourth anniversary this month. The Troubled Asset Relief Program and its mantra of “Too Big to Fail” continue to draw debate.  Who really benefitted [...]

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Income Does Not Mean Immunity from Bankruptcy

We all read the newspapers, and we all know how much high-level professional athletes are paid.  But underneath those oversized paychecks and oversized bodies, many of these men struggle with debt just like the rest of us.   Sometimes the issue is a lack of self-control (“[After being released] I had an injury settlement for $60,000.  [...]

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Addicted to Debt

For those of us who may have been living in a cave, here is the latest financial news: the United States government has a debt problem.  In fact, one prominent bond manager says that the United States is addicted to debt.  “The U.S., in fact, is a serial offender, an addict whose habit extends beyond [...]

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