In honor of the 100th post on this site, this blogger suggested a week on a tropical island.  Instead, this blogger received a frosty cola from the refrigerator and an equally frosty “get back to work”. Ah, the subtle interplay between labor and management. Many of the posts on this site have some common themes, [...]

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cialis levitra genericos Don’t Mark Your Calendar

Hopefully, you did not count on the end of the world on December 21, 2012 or on any of these other dates.  Another “deadline” that will probably come and go is October 11, 2018, the date of the last consumer bankruptcy filing in the United States.  To be precise, the last bankruptcy filing will supposedly [...]

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And The Oscar Goes To…

The awards season is here.  Many people covet one of these, one of these, or even one of these.  There are other awards most people would like to avoid.  For example, there was very little lobbying to be among the worst CEOs of 2012.  Nevertheless, congratulations are in order to the current or former CEOs [...]

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Has a possible six-figure damage award ever slipped your mind?  When you are asked to list “real property that you own”, does the question seem unclear?  Have you ever slightly underestimated the value of your property? The majority of tax returns are unaudited.  If you make some innocent (or even not-so-innocent) omission on your tax [...]

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Quantitative Easing??

When the flow chart looks like this, you know you’re probably in over your head.  This definition is not much better.  About the only economic terms that most of us understand are “red” and “black”.  If your bank balance is in black, there is money in the account.  If the balance is in red, do [...]

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Snack Cakes

No self-respecting bankruptcy blogsite is complete without a post about Hostess.  We probably all know at least some of the story.  We all have probably heard that the iconic maker of tasty baked goods (although maybe not this good) has come into some financial hard times and may no longer be producing goods in the [...]

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The Cost of Filing Bankruptcy

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Debt and Your Health

Excessive debt can do more than lower your credit score.  Half of all Americans worry about their debt “frequently” or “most of the time”.  This type of worry leads to physical maladies from severe anxiety (8 times higher for people worried about debt) to severe depression (6 times higher) to heart attacks (2 times higher). [...]

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Bankruptcy and Play Time

First it was Hard Rock Park in South Carolina.  Next, it was the Six Flags chain of amusement parks.  Now, even your local bowling alley is feeling the pinch.  As money becomes tighter for American families, the regular trips to the roller coaster and the monthly dues to the bowling alliance are often the first [...]

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If the unemployment rate goes down, the decrease is not necessarily due to an increase in job opportunities.  Many times, the unemployment rate goes down because workers leave the workforce for various reasons.  The same is true of the bankruptcy filing rate.  Bankruptcy filings are decreasing nationwide, but not necessarily because the economic outlook is [...]

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